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Dear sirs and madams, You are welcome to visit our stone world . Leading  stonemakers  and  suppliers  for  YANTAI HONGXIN STONE stone products , is a private company in Northern China. we are proud of our rich resources of stone products with colors variety. Such as Red(G386,G354,G352), Pink (G363,G364) , Green ( Green  pepper, Chinese green,), Black(G342 ,G370 , G301), White (G359 , G360 ,G355) and Grey(G341,G375).

Main products :
kerbstones,pavings,cubes and sets.lots
of manua land machine-cut stone products could be provided according to yout requests.

Your desinges and samples are welcome.

We are supplying first quality material at most competitive price to Europe, Japan & U.S.A

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